Active Team

Executive Team

Elliot Elzweig – President

Elliot began his staffing career working for his Father at Active Employment Agency in 1976, an industrial employment agency founded in 1947. In 1989 Elliot set up and became the President of Active Temporaries Ltd./Active Staffing Services. At that time, the company focused on permanent placement. Elliot transitioned the business model and had expanded the services offered to clients, now including, temporary placements. Elliot directed Active’s focus on industrial, production, warehouse, retail, and food service niches where the company began to rapidly grow from its single six-person location in Manhattan to the Bronx, NY; Jersey City, NJ; and Miami, FL. Elliot remains extremely involved in the day-to-day operations of Active while continuing to look forward to the future of his Father’s legacy.

Benjamin Elzweig – Director, Strategic Development

Benjamin Elzweig is a third generation, Certified Staffing Professional with a true passion for the Industry. Benjamin was influenced at a very early age by his Father, Elliot Elzweig, who became the President of Active Staffing Services in 1989. Benjamin’s passion for the staffing industry was further fueled as two of Elliot’s siblings founded two staffing agencies of their own in separate niches. Benjamin began working at Active over the summers in high school and later in client services where he became keenly aware of the processes necessary to provide quality-driven service to both client companies and associates. Benjamin’s current role is Director of Strategic Development where he is focused on the expansion of Active through new office openings and acquisitions.

Tina Acker – VP, Regional Operations and Corporate Support

Tina Acker is the most recent addition to the Active management team operating out of the Manhattan office as the Regional Manager of the North East region. Tina’s extensive past experience of growing into new markets and districts has permitted her to take on Active’s highest Revenue branches under her management and direction. Tina has already implemented numerous operational efficiencies and procedures transforming Active’s day-to-day business and operating model. Tina has been entrusted with establishing the best practices, composing the training protocol, and framing strategic partnerships that will allow Active to grow rapidly throughout the nation and eventually internationally.

Seth Dinsky– VP, Administration

Seth started his staffing career at Active in 2000. Prior to working at Active Seth had 24 years of manufacturing and facilities experience, which assisted Active in expanding corporate headquarters and opening additional branches. To allow the infrastructure to keep up with Active’s growth, Seth expanded the operations, staffing software, IT network, financial, banking, insurance, payroll , and safety areas of the company. Seth’s customer friendly attitude is the driving force in continuing the goal to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Matt Kaplan – Director of Accounting Operations

Matt Kaplan is Active’s first high level financial hire bringing several years’ experience managing economic affairs for multiple agencies in the staffing industry. Matt has an extensive and proven track record of bringing Staffing Firms to the next level. As Director of Accounting Operations, Matt has refined Active’s fiscal infrastructure making Active more efficient and productive. Matt’s expertise in Process Improvement, Financial Reporting and his overall out of the box thinking has already made a notable impact in the short time he has been here at Active. Matt’s comprehensive financial framework has positioned the enterprise for accelerated growth both organically as well as through acquisition.


Area Managers

Dionna Shider – Jersey City Office & Elizabeth Office

Dionna Shider has 17 years experience in the staffing industry. She worked her way through the ranks which gives her the perfect background to help Active grow the New Jersey market. Dionna has lead a team that was in trouble to having an “A” safety rating and winning top award for Safety as well as launching and managing the largest Onsite partnership. Dionna Shider will be a great asset to Active Staffing Services as it continues its upward trajectory.

Branch Managers

Angel Belen – Jersey City Office

Angel Belen had initially walked into the corporate Manhattan office looking for a job. Angel’s high energy and passion were immediately recognized, and he was swiftly moved into the recruiter function for two years before being transferred to his current leadership role in Jersey City, New Jersey. Angel hit the ground running as the Jersey City Branch Manager, and had single handedly launched Active into the Jersey market, increasing business year over year. Angel retains his hunger for accomplishment and has headed Active’s Jersey presence for the last ten years.

Vincent Sulsona – Elizabeth Office

Born and raised in the corporate Manhattan office, Vincent quickly worked his way up the ranks in the company, starting as a full desk recruiter. Vincent is notorious for his dedication to his clients and going above and beyond for them day or night. In Vincent’s six years in New York, he has cultivated some of the most long-lasting relationships with our clients. Vincent’s relationships have developed into true friendships, furthering Vincent to his new role. Vincent is now Branch Manager of the Elizabeth office, and the face of Active’s second New Jersey office. Vincent is providing his unmatched customer service in his new state to previous and new customers every day.

Marie Hernandez – Bronx Office

Marie Hernandez had first started her career at Active nine years ago in the corporate Manhattan office, starting out as a Processor, then Administrative Assistant. Marie quickly learned the business, and was promoted to a recruiting role where her work ethic helped her to excel and stand out among her team. Marie was transferred to the Bronx office where she continued to learn the functions of each role at an unprecedented rate. Marie’s in-depth understanding of Active’s operation made her the evident choice to lead the Branch, with limited involvement from the corporate office. Marie has been the Bronx Branch Manager for the past two years and continues to surpass expectations.

Brenda Rosario – Hialeah Office

Brenda first started working on a part-time basis in Active’s Hialeah office eight years ago completing payroll. Brenda’s attention to detail and intense focus allowed her to quickly move on to other operational roles where she continued to shine. After transitioning to a permanent Active employee, Brenda continued to apply her talents in the recruiter and client services functions. Brenda has been the Hialeah Branch Manager for three years, currently working to increase her Branch’s presence down south.

Brandy McMillion – Dallas/Arlington Office

With over 10 years in the Staffing industry, Brandy is a true Staffing professional.  Brandy has learned the Staffing business from the ground up and has managed both sales and operational teams.  In just a few months, Brandy has developed a strong and fully independent operational team in her Arlington branch.  Brandy has quickly pivoted and reorganized her role, now heading up business development.  Brandy has historically grown multiple branches in the Dallas area is trusted with expanding Active’s presence within the Dallas/Ft Worth market in a big Texas way.  Brandy takes the time to fully understand her Client’s needs and challenges and is extremely proactive is designing a solution which allows Brandy to develop lasting relationships the Active way.

Arlene Jordan – New York Office

New Branch Manager. Bio coming soon.

Yajaira Lopez – Queens Office

New Branch Manager. Bio coming soon.