At Active Staffing Services, we have a mission to improve the lives of our clients, associates and team members by connecting technology, talent and opportunity.


Our vision is to be known as the pioneer in meshing human ingenuity and innovative technologies that improve the world of work for our clients, associates and team members.



We deal ethically in all matters, always in the best interest of our clients. We are up-front and transparent with our clients, associates and staff. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations. We always strive to do the right thing and put the best interests of all parties first.


We hold ourselves accountable for producing results and delivering on the promises we make to our clients, associates and staff. We find creative ways to get things done and to turn challenges into opportunities.


We sincerely care about each client, associate, staff member and project. We celebrate opportunities to recognize others. Respect is at the heart of our belief that we make a living by helping others make a living. It’s what allows Active to build strong, long-term relationships, expect the best from those with whom we work, and act with generosity.


Together with our clients and associates, we are a team that never gives up until the job is done. We are “Always Active” and at work on behalf of those we serve. We are responsive, available and professional.

Operational Excellence

The Active team is smart and experienced, with deep expertise in light industrial and office services staffing. Our recruiting, employment and business processes ensure that we provide better talent and faster hires. We continuously seek ways to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients and to maintain a reputation for innovation.