Anna Fazekas

With more than 19 years at Active Staffing, Anna Fazekas brings nearly two decades of expertise to her role as Vice President of Operations. Since joining the company in 2005 as a receptionist, Anna has served in almost every department, contributing significantly to their development and growth. Her extensive experience and dedication have been instrumental in her rise through the ranks.

Anna’s commitment to professional development is evidenced by her SHRM-CP Certification, highlighting her proficiency and dedication to the HR field. Her impressive tenure in the staffing industry has also led to her selection as a mentor in the American Staffing Association’s mentorship program, where she shares her knowledge and experience with emerging leaders.

Having served under two generations of the Elzweig family, Anna’s loyalty and deep understanding of Active Staffing’s values and mission are unmatched. Her journey from receptionist to Vice President of Operations is a testament to her hard work, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the staffing industry. Anna continues to drive operational success and foster a culture of growth and innovation at Active Staffing.